An open house should not just be signs strewn around the neighborhood with balloons flapping about.


The true Open House Effort is about engaging your neighbors.  Those who already love their little community and want it's happenings to be beneficial.  What better sounding board than that?  Let's formally invite them and allow them to personally invest in the process of  promoting your listing.  Chances are, someone knows someone who's been dreaming of life inside.

Social media is the new way to get your message heard.  These various media mechanisms are  wonderful tools that have the ability to give your listing exposure to thousands of people, with the click of a button.

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Real Estate Brokers see many homes for sale on the web daily.  Let's engage other real estate brokers, seeking to solidify your listing in their mind.


Opening your home to brokers to view creates buzz and provides priceless feedback.   

This marketing technique involves seeking out agents and buyers that have already viewed homes similar to your own.  


I will personally pick up the phone and invite them to discover what your home has to offer.  After all, there is power in suggestion.

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