Vonnie Martin is a realtor and designer who helps everyday people with everything home. #realtor #designer #interiordesign #decor #realestateagent #professional
Your Liaison : Everything Home for Everyday People

My husband and I moved into a small three bedroom ranch that we and my parents were renovating, right after we said “I do.”  I remember sleeping on a somewhat deflated air mattress right on top of the slab floor because we’d ripped out all of the carpet.  Our grill was working overtime waiting for the gutted kitchen to get put back together.  Thank the Lord my Dad finished up the bathroom while we were on our honeymoon.

I had already been working for a design studio for a few years, helping clients create beautiful spaces in their beautiful houses.  It was great.  But this was the moment.  You know, that moment of clarity.  I didn’t matter that the grass was up to our knees, there was graffiti on the back of the house, and we didn't own a stick of furniture.  

I was home! 

Home is the emotional tie to the place where we live.  My client relationships really began to flourish when I took this concept to heart.  Effectively speaking the language of home is my most valued skill.  It’s the root of my confidence as your real estate agent, designer, and everything in between.